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Here is how we added over 40 New Solar clients monthly To UPS-Solar.

An Additional £200,000 In Monthly Revenue. 

Broken Down As simple and straightforward as possible.

All of our campaigns are run alongside a few other processes, including On-page SEO, Google business page growth, reputation management and E-mail marketing. We have also attached some results for other firms at the bottom of the page.



  • From 1 Monthly Click to 1.83k
  • Generating This website generates an extra 60 Monthly Clients. For our National Solar Installation Firm.



  • From 8 Monthly Calls to 70+
  • Generating This google business page generates an extra 40+ Monthly Clients. For our Solar installation Client.



  • From 2 Monthly Calls to 25+
  • Generating This google business page generates an extra 15+ Monthly Clients. For our Solar installation client.

Home Page Optimisation

Your home page is your first website page, yes. But with our strategy, it may not be the first web page most of your potential clients go to. As we optimize individual location pages to dominate your neighboring towns As well as your primary service area. 

Because of this, we optimize it as a connecting page to provide all the information your clients need to go to your location and service pages. As well as widgets like cost calculators and potential discounts if you are looking to ramp up sales extensively.  

Location Pages

Our next objective will be to create and lay the foundation for your location pages, these are where the majority of your sales will come from.  We narrow down the specific intent of your potential clients and their location to display your services to them, As opposed to people just looking for solar or mechanical companies, we provide information to those specifically looking for solar panel installation or more information regarding those services.

Link building

Arguably, one of the most important factors in website marketing strategy is the consistency and value of links built to the website you wish to rank. 

In Short- the more web visits and website authority another website has, the more valuable its link to your own will be. And this costs both time and money, but the ROI of a good link-building campaign is second to none. 

Many agencies will overlook this and will be cheap in this aspect, resulting in the poor results many of our previous clients have experienced, but we do not do poor results and we certainly are not cheap.

Additional Notes:

We’ve tried to break down as simply as possible how we consistently delivered results to one of our solar clients, but please be advised. The process of SEO is a long and tedious one that requires months of constant analysis and optimization. If you think you are a good fit for what we offer, let’s jump on a discovery call, and see if we can replicate similar results for your own company.

More Results:

From 833 To 6.39k Website visitors in 3 months, 4x the amount of monthly sales, Netting an extra £68,000 In Monthly Revenue for a national Boiler installation Firm.

Ongoing GMB Management For a small plumbing firm, bringing them an extra 20 Jobs a month.

Over 60 Monthly calls delivered to an electrical firm specialising in Home Security Systems.

A 100% Monthly increase for a roofing firm.